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Discovery & Analysis

Going above and beyond for clients is the norm.

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We absolutely love building amazing brands, and we hear we’re a lot of fun to work with.

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Transparency and integrity are important to us; we do what we say we will do.


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Leah Hadsell | Founder, Chief Wordsmith
Leah Hadsell
Founder, Chief Wordsmith

Well-crafted headlines make Leah’s heart beat a little bit faster.

As a research addict and content master with over a decade of digital marketing experience, she spends her time carefully cultivating content and messaging strategies to help brands connect to their audiences online. She loves brainstorming new ideas and writing compelling headlines. Throw in years of SEO experience and you get content with a strategy that outperforms the competition. She believes every landing page, blog, ad, and social post can come to life for your brand (yes, any industry!) and is deeply experienced in finance and technology.

Leah loves a good game of speed scrabble, tacos, and running long distances to get a free banana. A native of Wisconsin, she now tolerates the Texas heat living with her husband and her children, Farryn and Nash.

Jessica VanLaningham | Founder, Chief Problem Solver
Jessica VanLaningham
Founder, Chief Problem Solver

“I’ll figure out a way.”

That’s Jessica’s go-to response in life and how she approaches every client project. She is an incredible advocate who will stop at nothing to create systems, processes, and designs that deliver results.

It’s rare to find logic and creativity in one individual. Jessica has been honing her skills for more than 15 years, producing big ideas and demonstrating the technical skills to get it done. The details are never lost on her as she has the patience to manage even the most complex elements of any marketing project clients throw her way. In her role as one of the founders of Tangram Sky Interactive, website problems and e-commerce challenges don’t intimidate her; she’ll find a way to make it work.

When she isn’t working, you’ll find this powerhouse on the soccer field or cooking up a new vegan recipe. With a big heart for her family and dogs, Jessica lives with her boyfriend and two sons in McKinney, Texas.

Jen Wylie | Account Manager & Designer
Jen Wylie
Account Manager, Designer

“How does it work? Why is it done this way? Is that the best way to do it?”

A skilled communicator both in written form and through design, Jen brings tremendous value to clients through her thoughtful, exacting approach. She has over 20 years of experience in graphic design specializing in magazines and various print collateral, with a unique background in the financial services industry. The work she produces makes an impact with consistency and personality, giving brands a voice.

Naturally curious, Jen wants to understand the process. This makes her a master of the fine print, continually pursuing efficiency and cohesiveness. Few grasp the subtle yet meaningful balance of the science and art of branding like she does.

Jen has two grown sons, and in her spare time, she’s likely tinkering with things that need fixing.

What is a TAN·GRAM?


A Tangram is a Chinese geometric puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces that can be arranged to make millions of shapes.

Tangrams are how we think of digital strategy and website traffic. Each one is a moving part that can be rearranged to tell a story about your brand.